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SuzieVinnick-MeMabelIf this is the first time you’ve heard of Suzie Vinnick, or seen her name, or listened to a track off of any one of her eleven albums, you should seriously consider crawling out from under your cozy rock.

By no mans a n00b, Vinnick has been enchanting music lovers for over a decade with her soul-drenched folksy blues. And her latest album, Me ‘N Mabel is no different.

Released earlier this year, Me ‘N Mabel is an homage to her faithful Canadian-built, maple and spruce Larrivée parlourguitar, affectionately named Mabel.

As such, most the tracks feature Vinnick and Mabel and not much else.

The opening track on the record, ‘Walking By Myself’, for example, has only Vinnick’s whiskey-smooth vocals and barroom-twangy guitar. The song is a great intro for what’s to come on the album. It accentuates her “love-me” lyrics, offset by her fiercely independent-woman voice, all mixed with the gritty roots of the acoustic song.

But for those who prefer a busier sound, Vinnick’s got you covered, too.

‘Save Me For Later’ is just drenched in those smokey blues that everyone knows and loves. The deep, smooth guitar, paired with Vinnick’s pure vocals, make the track a must-listen for any blues lover.

‘Quit Your Lowdown Ways’, meanwhile, is a wonderfully mixed track. Not only does it features Vinnick’s quick-picking guitar, but it forces her amazing songwriting chops into the spotlight:

“You can read out your Bible / You can fall down on your knees / Pray to the Lord, pretty mama, / But it ain’t gonna do no good”

Even the chorus – “If you can’t quit your sinnin’ / Please quit your lowdown ways” – is catchy, but maintains her try-to-do-good message.

Nearly every (good) musician cites one blues artist or another as an inspiration – and who can’t see why? But Vinnick – she’s an inspiration all on her own; a strong voice, and a great personality to match. . . .

If you can’t get enough of Vinnick – or of Mabel, for that matter! – check out her new EP, Live At Bluesville, available now at

And keep checking back for our exclusive interview with Suzie herself!

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