Music with a Sense of Humour

Who says music can’t be funny?

While Weird Al (arguably) opened the mainstream musical comedy door, younger and (in my humble opinion) funnier acts are keeping that door wide open.

One of those acts is Massachusetts-based Bo Burnham.

Burnham rose to fame where many other musicians have – YouTube.

Warning: This video might offend you.

Apart from being absolutely hilarious, witty, and ingenious, his videos are well-composed and show off his great musicianship. He plays the guitar and the piano, and while his lyrics are often. . . . strange, to say the least – clever, to say even more –

“Hey, I’m Santa Claus,

I’m the King of Snow.

I hate my wife because

She is a Ho Ho Ho.


She used to please me every day,

Then she made it clear:

Santa’s only supposed to come once a year.



Now I buy whores;

Rock ‘n Roll.

And I stuff their stockings

With my north pole.”

– from ‘Rehab Center for Fictional Characters


– you can’t deny that he knows his way around a fret board (or set of keys).

He’s blown up since posting that first video, and was featured at the YouTube Live event in 2008.

Douglas Edley signed on to represent him – Edley reps comedy greats like Drew Carey and Dave Chapelle – and Burnham went on tour with Comedy Central.

He released three records – Bo Fo Sho, an online-only, six-track EP in 2008, Bo Burnham, a double-disc set in 2009, and Words, Words, Words in 2010. He was also in a few movies, most notably Funny People.

Burnham’s still touring, and he’s still recording songs. You can check him out on YouTube here.

And I leave you with this (which also may offend you):

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