It’s All Happening :: The Summer Songs Playlist

IAH-SummerSongsSummer songs; nothing brings back a memory like a song.

Smells run a close second, campfire smoke kills me, and suddenly I’m five years old again living at a summer camp in North Dakota.

One day when I’m really old, I’m going to sit down in my pile of records and compile a sound track for my life, and I know that the summer songs will be the most important.

So, here I am back on the West Coast, back in Vancouver. What would summer 2012 sound like?

The first time I moved to this beautiful coast I swear the only song playing was ‘Animal’ by Miike Snow. It was the summer I drank my weight in Fire Ball whiskey, and now every time that groovy track comes on I swear my mouth tastes like cinnamon.

You’re cruising the sea wall, catching a bus on Granville, tragically hung over, or running down Commercial Drive, late for work. What’s in your headphones?


Summer sounds like A Tribe called Quest, ‘Can I Kick It?’ more specifically.

Goddammit, that’s a happy song.

It reminds me of a new sort of dangerous babe, all smiles and skateboards.

I forgot that people could be happy, that people could be kind; that there’re people out there that don’t define themselves by life’s cruel blows, or justified drug problems.

Can one song really do all that? Abso-fucking-lutely; especially if it samples Lou Reed.


Summer 2012 sounds like ‘Hit My Notes’ by Atmosphere.

It’s one of the those songs that reminds you that as long as you’re doing your thing, everything’s gunna be height.

It’s so easy to forget your passion, or why the fuck you’re even here.

Life – it’s fucked up. Life is tragic, and hard, and down-right cruel.

But its also funny, and strange. It’s temporary and fleeting.

Don’t take it so seriously. Just do your thing, man.

“As long as I can hit my notes . . . . . .”


July, you sound like ‘Amsterdam’ by Peter, Bjorn and John.

You’re my traveling song and, considering that all I’ve done these past few months, it’s more than fitting.

Thousands of miles, a few couches, a couple of floors, and a shit load of amazing fucking friends’ beds.

August 1st can’t come soon enough; I can’t wait to dump out that big black garbage full of all my worldly possessions, break down and finally buy that record player . . . .


‘Bukowski’ – Modest Mouse

I have been on a Celebration of Life bender for the past 19 glorious days, waking up parched and bedraggled at various locations around this utopian city. I have earned the nickname Little Bukowski.

This song also sounds like late night smoke sessions watching YouTube videos of said author getting violent with his lady – it’s scary shit.


Aesop Rock – ‘Daylight’

“All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, / put the pieces back together my way . . .”

Yeah, man, that’s all I ever wanted . . .

Put those pieces back together, staring at those snow-covered mountain tops from a sandy beach.

I’ll listen to that song a few more times on repeat, please . . . .


‘With a Girl Like You’ – The Troggs

I honestly didn’t think anything resembling a love song would make it on here – falling in love is for suckers.

I love all things and am in love with none. As of summer 2012, I think I kind of love girls.

I hope that doesn’t freak out any friends that have let me share their bed this summer . . . .

This song just makes me wanna kiss a girl, and I think I’m gunna like it . . . .


‘Modern Art’ – Black Lips

“You turn around and you don’t know where you’ve been

You look up at the glass dome and the room begins to spin

Let’s go out and find the ocean ’cause I think we need a swim

Turn around, start it over, let’s begin”


Yeah . . . That’s summer . . . .

Happy listening!

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