Grimes :: Visions

Grimes-VisionsBack in January of this year, Canadian-born musician, Claire Boucher – otherwise known as Grimes – released her third album, Visions, two years after the release of her first two albums, Geidi Prime and Halfaxia.

The album showcases Grimes’ musical talent, the album has more direction than the first two, something that is evident in songs like ‘Circumambient’ and ‘Vowels = space and time’, both of which feature present vocals as well as a chorus.

Songs like ‘Skin’, and ‘Know the Way (Outro)’ have a more dreamlike quality than the rest of the songs on the album, due to a combination of the layering of Grimes’ airy voice and soft synth beats. ‘Be a Body’ features the vocals necessary for the ethereal songs, but the music adds another robotic layer to the track.

Overall, Visions is a standout album of this year and is a well-rounded account of Boucher’s talent, putting her in the spotlight and on the road to a major breakthrough.

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