Dum Dum Girls :: End Of Daze

DumDumGirls-EndOfDazeDum Dum Girls’ lead singer Dee Dee Penny sings about pain like the best of them on the group’s latest EP release, End Of Daze.

Their last full-length release was in the immediate aftermath of Dee Dee’s mother’s death, and this EP hits hard with the truth of someone being really and honestly gone.

That dark, black hollow that comes with permanent absence; the gothic dark influence screams, “there’s a chunk of my heart missing and now I no longer feel!”

Lyrically, we find Dee Dee grasping at religion on tracks like ‘Lord Knows’.

It’s funny how utter devastation makes you reach skyward, thinking there must be an explanation for this inexplicable despair. However, in most cases your guts get ripped out with no regard to how much you can handle or if that was your final straw.

The all-consuming black, where your mind becomes too thick and dark to keep it above water any longer.

A perfect cover of the Scottish duo, Strawberry Switchblades’ ‘Trees and Flowers’adds the hopeless element to this tragedy.

Just as on the last album, Only in Dreams,  every note is heart-felt.

When Joni Mitchell’s Blue was released, she told Rolling Stone, “There isn’t a dishonest note on the album.”

The same can be said for the last two Dum Dum Girls releases.

Genuine pain.

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