Deadmau5 :: ‘The Veldt’

Deadmau5-TheVeldt‘The Veldt’ is a sprawling, dense song that celebrates the generation of technology:

“Happy life with our machines / Scattered around the room / Look what they made / They made it for me / Happy technology”.

‘The Veldt’, in definition, is a treeless expanse in Southern Africa, and melodically the track brings to mind exactly that. While listening, one can almost feel as though they are atop a summit, observing the life below.

The track, released on Ultra Records, begins at an easily mixable spot, the drop of the main melody, and quickly starts into the vocals beautifully provided by Chris James.

The story behind the song-that-almost-wasn’t goes like this: through twitter, Chris had sent Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) his own lyrics and vocals sung over the track. But with the constant stream of submissions, Deadmau5 didn’t pay much attention to it; that is, not until after numerous requests from followers. Deadmau5 finally gave the vocals a listen and added them to the track’s final version.

However, in an unreleased version found on YouTube or through Deadmau5’s live ustream feed, the song begins with powerful, syncopating drums and chest-reverberating bass. This intricate intro sounds tribal and earthy, and creates an opposing melody line, so different from the meat of the track that we know – an effort that Deadmau5 revels in. For those avid Deadmau5 fans, this is a version that you must listen to.

‘The Veldt’ is truly something to wonder at. How does Deadmau5 do it? When it seems like he can’t get any better, he does. He is a true master in his craft. The song will lift you up, make you stand in awe and appreciate life, really celebrate the new age, our constantly developing age of technology and what is capable through our technological instruments.

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