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2-BegBorrowStealFresh off the 2012 London Olympics (or, for those Myans out there, perhaps the last ones ever held!), we take the time to salute our athletes and reflect on the music that makes us Canadians unique, loud and just plain weird!



Soft Airplane – Chad VanGaalen

Alberta’s own king of DIY grit-pop. If he hasn’t slipped onto your radar, scope Soft Airplane – perhaps his best album, for gems like ‘Molten Light’, ‘Bones of Man’ and ‘Willow Tree’.

It’s like Neil Young and Beck and The Beach Boys hotboxed a treehouse and jammed for days. Save your cheddar and buy this now!

Fun Fact:

He recorded both albums by Women, provides artwork for all his releases and animates his own videos.


Something by AIDS Wolf

Hailing from Toronto, these tender tykes play a collection of Polish drinking songs. Wait, no they don’t.

They assault the senses with shrieking disjointed no-fi rock and hardcore. If you were lucky enough to see them live, you probably are still wearing the bruises or drying out your clothes from Chloe Lum’s barbarian sweat.

They put out a slew of releases on cassette, CD and vinyl, but sadly broke up in 2012. On a much happier note, they have songs called ‘Panty Mind’, ‘Spit Tastes Like Metal’ and ‘So Many Plastic Pearls’.

Better now?


Fire Baptism – Femme Fatale

Jesse Keeler (the bass half of Death From Above 1979) pulls a Dave Grohl and writes, plays and produces all the tracks. The album is much faster, harder and angrier project, which showcases his ability to write insanely catchy noisey songs, even while rocking the first porn-stache of the new millennium.

Yes, I said showcases.



Something by Sloan

A purely singles band, Sloan is made to make radio pop/rock. These lads have been kicking out the jams for plenty of years now. I share my advice, Sloan is like wine – the older the better.


II – Crystal Castles

On the verge of releasing their third album, this Toronto duo looks to make waves yet again. But after the spray shot that was II, I’d test the waters first by letting your friends buy it.


Something by Rush

You’ll want to brush up on your knowledge of perfect drumming and dolphin vocals

as I think they’ll keep playing for the next 40 years.



[Editor’s Note: Raz Mataz Magazine does not endorse any illegal activities of any sort.]

Death of a Ladies’ Man – Leonard Cohen

He probably got so much tail back then. Raincoats and poetry and songs about having a hard-on . . . . Plus, Phil Spector didn’t kill him. Some consider this his worst album, but just feign interest and punch them in the throat.


Something by D.O.A.

The godfathers of punk and Canadian hardcore, cited among other gods of the genre, these Vancouver-based fellas kind of deserve more recognition than they get. You probably have a kid in your class rocking a D.O.A. shirt or patch on his bag – this child will lead them all.

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