Ariel Pink :: Mature Themes

ArielPink-MatureThemesCan Ariel Pink write a love album?

Mature Themes can be anything to anybody.

Perhaps that’s just what I took from it; everything you come in contact with absorbs the projection of your personal circumstance.

This album is as bizarre as his decade-long career.

He was discovered when a wayward copy of an early album found its way on the floor of the Animal Collective tour van. Pink signed with the band’s label, Paw Tracks, shortly after.

It’s a love/hate album; it’s longing and leaving, melodically grieving, dusted in a shimmer of Pink’s strangeness.

This album draws you back and forth as the listener strains to hear if he’s whispering “I love you” or “Fuck you”.

In my experience, the phrases are interchangeable. You can only hate as much as you love, and love as much as you hate.

A heart felt Fuck You is not born in depths of indifference.

The swells, the lows, the pits and the peaks may be reflective of his recent split with his long-term girlfriend.

The couple were based in San Fran, and, according to a recent interview with SPIN, her shit is still all over his place, including a strange VHS collection.

The abundance of unsure chaos felt on this album can only come from writing its contents on a pile of your ex-lover’s belongings. Her favourite t-shirt, still drenched in her perfume . . . but didn’t she tell you she fucked another guy while wearing it?

The inner torment.

As with all Ariel Pink albums, Mature Themes is a trip and a dream.

To be taken with a grain of salt and acceptance for tongue-and-cheek humour, Pitchfork says the listener may not be in on.

Enjoy riding the waves of Pink’s impulsive lunacy. . . .

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