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Our mantra at Raz Mataz Magazine is this: that for every auto-tuned, Hollywood-processed, faux-writing-credited, performer-not-musician out in the world, there are at least a dozen real, live artists who can do everything they can do, but better.

They’re out there, but they’re harder to find than a needle in a pile of other, similar-looking needles.

And that’s where we step in.

Raz Mataz is devoted to providing a space to given emerging musicians the recognition they deserve.

It’s where music lovers, listeners, makers, and masterminds alike can go to find all kinds of music, when its almost famous.



Olivia D’Orazio :: Founder and Editor-in-Chief

OliviaDOrazioOlivia started Raz Mataz Magazine to marry indie music and writing – two of her favourite things. She really does listen to everything (yes, even country, and yes, even metal), and she thinks that anyone who says they don’t like The Beatles is lying to themselves. She’s addicted to YouTube and Google, and hearts her city (Toronto, the Great) more than anything.

She also plays a mean jazz flute.



Caroline Chiasson :: Editor and Columnist

CarolineChiassonCaroline is a lover of many things artistic.

Spoken word and poetry are dear to her, Canadian Leonard Cohen being her all-time heartbreaking favourite.

At the age of four, she started to lay on her parents’ floor with her father’s big 1970s speakers (one at each ear, volume at 10) and listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush over and over as tears fell and dreams began over what she found to be the most beautiful thing on this planet – music!

Caroline has been in the southern Ontario music scene now as a singer/songwriter since the late ’90s.

She comes from a background of writers of history, her great grandparents both being published authors Igor Gouzenko and Anna (Svetlana) Gouzenko. She is doing her best to follow in their footprints… but with the history of music!



Stephanie Hughes :: Editor and Staff Writer

StephanieHughesStephanie Hughes is a journalism student looking to break out into the writing world (and eventually a novelist career). She currently freelances around the web. Find more at www.stephaniehughes.webs.com.








Kassandra :: Staff Writer

Kassandra is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto where she studies philosophy and political science – in other words, she’s really into old dead guys like Plato and stuff. Apart from her questionably lame sense of humour, she has an annoying tendency to make everything philosophical when it really shouldn’t be.



Aymann El Hakim :: Staff Writer

AymannAlHakimAymann is an aspiring writer and a ’90s hip-hop child. He could be found (until recently, anyway) in Ontario’s Courts of Justice defending clients in Highway Traffic Act cases. He now reads books and scours the Internet for homegrown artists who both love and respect their craft.







Angela Mastrogiacomo :: Columnist

AngelaMastrogiacomoAngela is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR, a Boston-based public relations firm specializing in personalized campaign initiatives for independent artists. Muddy Paw artists have seen placements in Noisey, AbsolutePunk, PureVolume, Substream, and many other leading publications. Angela also owns music blog Infectious Magazine, and is the curator of several chapters of the music community Balanced Breakfast. She loves hanging out with her dog, eating ice cream, and a good book. Read more at angelamastrogiacomo.wordpress.com.