April 2, 1997

April2On this day in 1997, Joni Mitchell was reunited with her first-born daughter, Kilauren Gibb. After 32 years, Mitchell and Gibb would find each other with the help of some friends and the Internet.

Mitchell had come out publicly with her story in 1995 of giving up a baby girl for adoption back in 1965 and Gibb, doing her own research, in an effort to find out who her biological parents were.

When Joni was 21 years old, she discovered that she was pregnant, the father being her then-boyfriend Canadian photographer, Brad MacMath. The pair did not see it fit to raise a child when they were unable to feed themselves at the time. The birth control pill as well as abortion were still illegal in Canada, leaving Joni with what she felt was her only option: adoption. She had no way of knowing it at the time, but in three years she would own her own home, cars and have plenty of money to care for herself as well as the child she had to give up. This haunted her everyday for those 32 years. She wrote in her famous song ‘Little Green’ about her experience: “Child with a child pretending, / weary of lies you are sending home, / so you sign the papers in the family name, / You’re sad and you’re sorry, / but you’re not ashamed, / Little Green, have a happy ending.”

In 1965, when the baby was born, Joni had named her Kelly Dale; after the adoption took place her name would be changed to Kilauren Gibb. She had loving parents and was raised in an upper-class household in Toronto. She has two children, giving Joni a grandson and granddaughter.

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  1. joni mitchell is a true poet and musical icon. hope her daughter appreciates her mother’s magic…….

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