November 18, 2003

Nov18On this day in 2003, Tori Amos’ Tales of a Librarian was released.

Amos still owed her former record company, Atlantic Records, a few albums but Amos did not want to “give anymore of her songs to that company” so instead of a Greatest Hits record, Amos chose a more artistic way of re-releasing her material.

Amos called this her “sonic autobiography”, each song is in the proper category.

Amos took on the role of the Librarian Chronicler in the photo’s for the album as well the entire concept. The inlay of the booklet was entirely set out according to the Dewey decimal system. ie: “618 – Miscarriage (Playboy Mommy)”.

Amos would released four “new songs” on the album: ‘Angels’, ‘Snow Cherries from France’, ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Mary’. These were not actually new songs, but were B-sides and songs recorded during the Little Earth Quakes sessions.

In the end, Amos got away without giving Atlantic any real new material.

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