Mark Martyre releases his best album yet

Mark Martyre wrapped 2017 with the release of what I’ll boldly call his best album yet—Rivers. The 10-track record blends his signature pensive lyrics with soft, upbeat music. This album also takes on a bit more of an electric tone.

Opener “Come Lie Beside Me, Dear,” for instance, is strangely upbeat despite its somer meaning. The folksy track leaves a bluesy residue, especially with lyrics like, “Oh baby, how I wish you were here / Oh baby, how I wish you were near / ‘Cause this boredom, it’s slowly killing me / So come, lie beside me, dear.”

“The Next Song” and “Take It All Away” follow more closely to Mark’s folk roots. The harmonica solo on “Take It All Away” will soothe you into a trance, while Stacey Dowswell’s accompanying vocals on “The Next Song” offer a sweet contrast to Mark’s gritty, throaty sound.

My absolute favourite song, though, is “For Her and the River.” The track, which has been on repeat, is the most poetic on the record, while the lovely melody will have you tapping your toes from the very first chord.

Finally, “Never Forget You” wraps the album on the same hopeful, upbeat tone with which it opened. The electric guitar is more prominent and the vocals are almost cheery as the lyrics reminisce about happier times.

Get more from Mark Martyre—including his latest two-song live EP, Souther Souls Session—on Facebook.



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