January 4, 2001

On this day in 2001, Courtney Love filed a lawsuit against her “alleged stalker” claiming that Lesley Barber, the ex-wife of then her current boyfriend Jim Barber, drove over her foot. This had forced her to forfeit her role in a forthcoming film and lost her the £200,000, ($340,000) fee that went with it.

Ahahahahaha! That was hard for me to write, hard why? Because it is all fictitious! Miss Love lives a crazy life in that muddled up mind of hers. You want the truth… can you handle the truth?

Miss Love is crazy, we all know that. Here is what she was doing to Barber and his family:

In one incident she took her daughter Frances Bean with her to Barber’s home in the middle of the night, her child was forced to watch as Love had a volcanic confrontation with Barber in her bare feet, she screamed, threw rocks at his house, and threatened to burn the house down,(funny, isn’t that one of the claims Love made against Lesley Barber? Yes, yes it is… Love is a story flipper by trade).

Frances Bean’s statements from court transcripts were released and here is what she had to say on the matter:

“His children were inside the house, but that did not stop my mother.”

“She slams doors, breaks things, stomps around the hotel or apartment and spends hours on the phone, yelling, my mother even threatened to jump off a balcony while I was watching.”

Love has never admitted to her wrongdoing and still plays the blame game, she now insists that she was being “used” by fellow musicians, producers, and friends and that she wasn’t in her right mind because she was using crack cocaine during these years.  Courtney insanely credits taking crack cocaine for making her better at complex mathematics!

She stated in an interview: “The strange thing is, while the crack screwed me up in a lot of ways, it improved me in certain others. I’ve never been good with numbers, but when I was on crack I could do math really, really well. I became a fucking whiz at calculus.”  – OH MY CHRIST!

Oh wait, I forgot this part of the story:

Kristin King, a friend of Jim Barber’s claimed Love had attacked her with a bottle and a metal flashlight. (For extra details google “Courtney Love Wanted For Allegedly Beating Woman With Flashlight”). It was reportedly King’s first meeting with Love, according to sources familiar with the incident, who said that King was seeking advice from Love about her Los Angeles trio, Black Heat 7, for which she’s the singer/guitarist. She was crashed on Barber’s couch when the attack occurred.




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