January 11, 1967

Jan11On this day in 1967, Jimi Hendrix entered De Lane Lea Studios in London to record ‘Purple Haze’.

Guitar and vocals were later touched up at Olympic Studios in London between February 3 and February 8 of 1967. Bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell were not aware of the song until after arriving at the studio where Hendrix had then pulled them aside, hummed it for them and then showed Redding the chord changes. Chas Chandler acted as producer, insisting just he and Hendrix were alone in the studio while recording Hendrix’s parts.

When asked about the song’s meaning, Hendrix gave a few answers, always staying within the same story of having very vivid dreams during this time and incorporating some aspects of that into the song.

The lyrics to the song were rewritten a few times; the original title was ‘Purple Haze, Jesus Saves’.

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