August 2, 1994

On this day in 1994, politics found a way to rain on Lollapalooza!

Rock n’ roll and politics shared an equal billing at Lollapalooza, the traveling rock ‘n’ roll circus had an interesting line-up… Donita Sparks of L7 hit the stage reminding the crowd of the group’s connection to Rock For Choice, the pro-choice activist group. ‘This goes out to Paul Hill, who murdered that doctor and his escort the other day in Pensacola, Florida,’ said Sparks. ‘Here’s a little number for that asshole called ‘Shit List.’

George Clinton later delivered a rap during his set that accused the CIA of profiting from the drug trade. ‘There’s no profit in pretending that we’re stopping it when we’re selling it,’ said Clinton. Other bands offered other political perspectives to an event that featured live music on two stages and a midway dotted by booths calling for an end to China’s occupation of Tibet, the legalization of marijuana and a campaign to keep abortion legal.

I’m sure Courtney Love could be found backstage doing something politicly incorrect, hah!


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