August 16, 1996

On this day in 1996, Pantera, White Zombie, and The Deftones performed an amazing show at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario.

I was there with my brother and my best friends, everything was perfect and this was my favorite concert that I have ever attended!

Quick notes:

Philip Anselmo was onstage singing (and randomly ranting, Nah… it was more of a mumble by this point) just 34 days after he had died for a few minutes from a heroin overdose at 28 years of age.

Phil spent a little too much time lying on the floor and singing from there.

My brother tripped so hard on magic mushrooms that he thought that the guitar J from White Zombie was playing had flashing lights on it, he had to leave before Pantera came on and still is upset about it to this day… I told him not to eat those shrooms!

Chino Moreno had his old school dreads and when he sang he was spitting all over us, I remember looking up and thinking, ugh, gross!

Someone died on the stairs of Coliseum from a drug overdose.

I am getting so old that my memory is leaving me with only this to share with you about my favorite concert, pretty sad, but the part that made it the best concert of my life was the lineup and how good the music was. It didn’t hurt that they all had the best albums out and… I really miss the 90’s.

Here is a funny story Anselmo told about being on this tour, this was his answer when asked if “everybody got along?”

Anselmo: We all got along. The only dick on the tour was Rob Cummins [Zombie]. Maybe he was going through a phase, and I gotta say, although he was a penis on the tour, he did, by all credit to him, come up to me about a year later and say, “Dude, I absolutely 100 percent acknowledge that I was a total flaccid dick and I apologize for being such a dick. I was in a bad place” [Rob Zombie declined to be interviewed for this story.] There was an instance, and this is fucking great… every band has their rider, Pantera’s was like, if there were 10 things on Pantera’s rider, nine of them were whiskey. There was one night where everybody found out, oh shit, Rob Zombie’s mad. Little Robert Cummins is angry. Of course, I chuckled, and I’m like, “Alright, what’s he mad about now?” Somebody stole his favorite cookies. His favorite cookies! How dare they steal his favorite cookies? And, “stole,” that’s the key. Like they were so precious and sought after, and really hard to find at your general supermarket. There’s no recovery. So somebody stole his damn cookies. He had his security go on everybody’s bus to check (laughs) and see who had the cookies. Lo and behold, no one had the cookies! The driver for the venue messed up and forgot to get Rob’s cookies. This is really heavy-duty stuff I’m laying on you.

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