You wanted more Mad Ones, and now you’ve got it

We only got to enjoy Mad Ones’ Sanciety for a few months before the Toronto-based rockers surprised us with another album, released at the start of March.

Regretless is somewhat softer than the band’s previous efforts—there are even a few romantic tunes, like “Love Me Again,” no doubt inspired by frontman Andrew DeVillers’ recent marriage to his rock’n’roll sweetheart and HotKid frontwoman Shiloh Harrison.

Within that softer sound we get more details, more of a fully-formed musical number. You need only look as far as the record’s title track to hear my point: DeVillers’ growly vocals are still there, but the Russell Fernandes’ baselines are nothing short of intricate and Adam Balsam’s drums are as varied as it gets in a rock album.

And make no mistake this is still very much a rock’n’roll record. “Leave It” is heavy and fast, and will get your heart pumping as fast as ever before, while “Amaze” will pull you deep into a glorious reverb-y darkness.

Like anything Mad Ones do, you don’t want to miss Regretless… or you’ll regret it (sorry).

And make sure you catch the band LIVE at the Silver Dollar Room on April 8 for the official album release. They’re sharing the stage with The Effens, OL’CD, Sedge, Portland TV and DJ Cola H.

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