These are the best acoustic songs of the year—so far

The year 2017 has been great for acoustic music and has been mostly loaded with surprises. From January, we’ve gotten a range of music that’s plucked at our emotions, from anger to cheer, softness to cold, joy to grief. With roughly five months remaining in this wonderful year, we’re certain to get even more… but in the mean time, here are our favourites—so far.

5 – “Attention” by Charlie Puth

Grammy-nominated pop singer Charlie Puth’s “Attention” offers us an elegant, groove-injected track from his forthcoming sophomore album. His fans, however, are eager to know who the song was meant for! Some thought he was inspired by his relationship with Bella Thorne, but Puth’s inspiration actually centred on an Instagram post.


4 – “Good Leg” by Alex Siegel

“Good Leg” is one of the most immediately satisfying songs I’ve heard all year. California-based Alex Siegel fashioned his relaxed, melodic voice to match a refreshing array of Latin-tinged percussion and acoustics. The song also features a dazzling hook and a perfect backing vocal agreement that elevates his naturally fascinating aesthetic. Siegel also fashioned a brilliant chorus that gravitates enough from the verse to captivate, while still holding its originally alluring sound.


3 – “Call It Dreaming” by Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine shared the initial taste “Call It Dreaming” from Beast Epic, his sixth studio album. The song certainly brings back the feeling of summer party days. “Call It Dreaming” is a wonderful and awesome minute of improved songwriting, a moment that will instantly take you out of the rush of your life to another realm entirely. The performance is subtle but well-loaded, producing a warmth that radiates even through the loneliness that the song holds within. Iron & Wine’s voice is so captivating and at its purring best, and he twists the enchanting lyrics into a sound that look both new and familiar.


2 – “Weight” by Crywolf

“Weight,” Crywolf’s latest track, beautifully blends his vocals and steel guitar. This song demonstrates Crywolf’s flexibility, an electrifying turn in his career. He started the song with a beautifully crafted acoustic tune and demonstrated his musicianship with his falsetto voice that flows across the chords. The enlivening sounds of the steel guitar slide smoothly into the background as he blends in his vocals.


1 – “The Blazing Sun” by Sailing Stones

“The Blazing Sun” is Sailing Stones (a.k.a., Jenny Lindfors) splendidly paying homage to Kaleo’s folksy A/B album. Lindfors perfectly matches her vocals to her style, harmonizing her captivating lines delightfully and hauntingly over a smooth and beautifully crafted guitar tune. The song is a wonderful introduction to her forthcoming album, which is hopefully going to be released soon.


What do you think of our picks? Let us know what we missed in the comments!


Alex Frank knows music: he’s worked in the sound technology industry for 10 years. Today, he’s an affiliate blogger who likes to educate his audience about sound technology and share his favourite listens. Get more from Alex at

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