The Empty Page at Indie Week 2017

I was about to leave the Indie Week Launch Party when I saw a sticker The Empty Page had dispersed around the Hideout. It said the Manchester-based band played 90s-inspired fuzz rock. A bold claim—and one I had to see through.

Turns out, the trio really is the real deal.

They’re loud, crazy and unapologetic—and could you want anything more from a grunge band?

They played an amazing set filled with old favourites and new tunes. Standouts included “Wardrobe Malfunction,” which showcases the front woman’s throaty wail. The rest of the band keeps up nicely: the drums are manic, the guitar speeds along, and the crowd its edge, clinging to every riff, every symbol and every growl.

What’s amazing is the band’s recorded material is just as exciting as its insane live show. Get more on The Empty Page online at And see more photos from their set on our Facebook page.



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