Scalene at Indie Week 2017

We were lucky to see Brazilian rockers Scalene at Indie Week this year. The fivesome are fresh off their Rock in Rio festival run, and certainly didn’t play down the energy for a significantly smaller crowd.

Scalene has an absolutely insane energy. They opened their set at the Indie Week Launch Party strong. Even when they slowed it down, the group lost no energy.

In fact, they seemed to feed off one another. They had great chemistry on stage and, if it weren’t obvious with their impressive performance track record, worked like a well-oiled machine to put on an absolutely amazing show.

The entire crowd was absolutely enthralled with Scalene’s performance. Listening won’t do them justice, but you should still get some Scalene streaming through your earphones as soon as possible.

Get more Scalene online at And find more photos from their show on our Facebook page.



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