Sc Mira at CMW 2017

Truth be told, Winnipeg’s Sc Mira is what got me off my couch on Friday night. I was perfectly content to stay at home and watch the Leafs lose from my couch, but the very thought of missing the group’s Canadian Music Week performance was one I couldn’t bear.

If you’ve never seen Sc Mira, you have no idea what you’re missing. I caught them for the first time last year, and they were the sleeper hit of an otherwise amazing bill. Songs like “Misery” and, my favourite, “Do Me” will capture your attention and hold it ’till the very last strum.

The five some commanded the Horseshoe Tavern crowd in the same way on Friday, with driving drums and an exciting, funky bass.

The band showcased a lot of new music on Friday. It seems the group is turning to more of a synth-rock sound, but with the same Sc Mira edge we love. The vocals, which remained as enticing as ever, are the band’s real calling card – sweet with a razor-sharp edge that plays into the group’s deep, dark sound.

On stage, they’re as enthralling as ever, with the entire band playing to the swaying crowd, and giving in to the swelling music, as if they were slaves to the synth.

Before signing off, though, I have to be honest. Sc Mira did not play “Do Me” (alright, they’re probably bored of the two-year-old track). But if that’s my only criticism for the band’s entire set, then I really have no complaints.

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