Partner knows…

Every once in a while, a song comes along that takes you way back. For me, that song is Partner’s latest, “Everybody Knows.” And that place is college, specifically the forest tucked into the corner of my university campus.

And when you listen to the song, you can probably guess why.

“Everybody Knows” is a seriously fun song. I’ve listened to it on repeat for days and still can’t get bored of it. And while Partner is kinda known for its headline-worthy songs (remember “The ‘Ellen’ Page”?), there’s no doubt that the duo is Talented with a capital T.

This latest track is fuzzy rock anthem with—dare I say—psychedelic surf undertones. The duo’s shared vocals are soft and charming, and their harmonies are dizzying.

The lyrics—well, the lyrics are cheeky, to say the least.

“Everybody Knows” is a great first single off the band’s upcoming debut album, In Search of Lost Time. Get more on that project, and everything Partner, online at


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