October 12, 1955

Oct12On this day in 1955, Chrysler introduced the world’s first in-car sound system… vinyl record players, complete with an assortment of classical records, mounted under the dashboard.

When purchased, the vehicle would come with six records and if you wanted more, you would have to order them from the dealership, which had only a small collection.

The special records were seven inches in size, transcribed on both sides, and pressed especially for Chrysler by Columbia Records. They gave up to 45 minutes of music and up to one full hour of speech per side.

Making up the collection was Tschaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony, Borodini’s Polovtsian Dances, Ippalitov-Ivanov’s Procession of the Sardar, the complete score of the Broadway musical show Pajama Game, Walt Disney’s Davey Crockett, Gene Autry and Champion, Romantic Moods by Percy Faith and his orchestra, quiet jazz by Paul Weston and his orchestra, Music of Cole Porter and Victor Herbert by Andre Kostelanetz and his orchestra, and dramatic readings from Bernard Shaw’s Don Juan in Hell by a cast of top Hollywood and Broadway artists.

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