Moon Tan at Indie Week 2017

I had been waiting several years (years!!) to see Winnipeg’s Moon Tan live. After too many missed gigs, I finally found my chance on the opening night of Indie Week. Moon Tan won the entire series last year, so they took the stage at the Bovine Sex Club to get the crowd excited for the week.

The trio took the stage in their hallmark getups—leather bellbottoms, big hair, feathered wings and, of course, the face paint. Now, if you’re thinking this showmanship is a coverup for sub-par music, you’d be sorely mistaken.

Moon Tan delivers on all fronts. Their unique blend of funky 70s-inspired prog-rock hit the crowd hard, while their unbelievable stage presence finished the job.

The trio played several fan favourites, including “The Faceless Knight.” This powerhouse was even crazier on stage—between the flying guitar riffs, dirty bass, punchy drums and echoey soaring vocals, this track got every single person in the club dancing around.

I couldn’t get enough and, a week later, I’m still not over it. Their energy, their excitement… Moon Tan puts on one helluva show.

You need more Moon Tan; get it online at And see more pictures from the show on our Facebook page.



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