Mise En Scene unleashes their edge with Still Life on Fire

It’s been half a decade since Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene released their debut album, Desire’s Despair. Since then, the duo has become a trio and their sound has taken on a slightly darker, more confident edge.

The brand’s latest album, Still Life on Fire, was released by Light Organ Records at the end of June, and presents the band’s newfound musical footing. It’s enthralling, to say the least.

We already know “Closer” is an exciting, quick song, and made a stunning single. “Waster” is just as exciting, and will get your heart beating in double time. It’s the kind of quick-paced, fun, loud tune you want from a grown-up Mise en Scene album.

“Scout” also follows that insane energy, but mixes it with a slow and intense sound, and soaring, guttural vocals.

And speaking of the vocals: Stefanie Blondal Johnson’s voice is the same throaty, heartfelt wonder that we’ve come to love. And Jodi Dunlop’s drums are a driving force to be reckoned with, just how we like ‘em.

Back to the album.

Still Life on Fire isn’t just a powerhouse: there are slower jams that round out the album beautifully.

Take “Guts/Glory.” The song slows the album and perfectly blends sweet background harmonies with those throaty, grungey vocals we love. The title track, “Still Life on Fire,” is also a soft-and-deep kinda track, with edging synths, steadily driving drums, and distant guitars. It makes you feel like you’re floating in a lake, especially at the echoey hint of the chorus.

Miss En Scene is in fine form with Still Life on Fire. This is one infectious album you don’t want to miss.

Get more Mise en Scene online at miseensceneband.com.



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