Mise en Scene – LIVE at… everywhere?

Last night, I went to a show. I wore sweatpants and had a front-row seat. My dog was there, too, and I was cozy, wrapped in my favourite blanket.

One of the best Canadian indie bands – Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene – were on stage at the Roslyn. And thanks to The Village Idiots, I was comfortably on my couch in Toronto.

The Village Idiots host a series of web-based live concerts that are broadcast over Facebook. Last night’s featuring Mise en Scene was the group’s thirteenth show, but it was the first one I’d ever seen – or even heard of.

So how was the show? (…psst… you can watch the show below.)

The sound was great – not on par with really being there, but damn well close. The lights were cool and the fog machine was a fun touch.

And the band… well, the band was as on pointe as ever. The duo – now (and for a while now) a foursome – played a great mix of the classics and new material. Everything from “Sweet William” to “Show Me You’re Real” was on the set list, and the group even teased new music off their upcoming album.

All in all, it was a great night with a stellar band and a purely unique way of getting some good music into your ears.

Get more Mise en Scene online at miseensceneband.com and learn more about The Village Idiots on Facebook.


Watch the full show:



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