miesha & the spanks at CMW 2017

Honestly, I just love miesha & the spanks so much. I’ve now seen them twice and they never disappoint—it’s like they don’t know how.

On Wednesday night, at the Bovine Sex Club for Canadian Music Week, I saw them for the second time. And it was amazing.

The duo’s energy is unfailing. They play with the power of a million musicians – arms flailing, heads thrashing. And their sound is so full that your heart will feel like it’s bursting in your chest.

They played a solid mix of old songs, old-ish songs and brand-spankin’-new songs. The thick crowd got down with “Come Undone,” off the band’s Summer Love EP. The song is already energetic, but miesha & the spanks somehow take it up a notch on stage.

Weren’t at the Bovine on Wednesday? Fear not. You can still catch miesha & the spanks on Saturday, April 22.

Get more of the band on Facebook, and find more photos from the show on our Facebook page.



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