March 16, 1954

On this day in 1954, Nancy Wilson of Heart was born in San Francisco, California. She would grow up to become one of America’s most popular female rock guitarists, songwriters, composers, producers and singers.

Wilson left school early to join her sister Ann Wilson who had formed the band Heart in 1974 in West Vancouver, B.C. The two male band members in Heart had dodged the draft by sneaking out of their home country. Heart would go onto have immense success worldwide, selling over 30 million albums. Wilson co-wrote most material including such songs as ‘Crazy On You’ and ‘Never’.

Wilson would have a short-lived solo career before settling down with her first husband, filmmaker Cameron Crowe. Wilson has contributed songs to her (now ex) husband’s films, such as Beautiful Girl in Car in Cameron’s epic teen film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  The song ‘All For Love’ in 1989’s Say Anything (she also provided guitar parts for actor John Cusack). Film scores to her credit include Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, Elizabethtown and – last but certainly not least – Wilson also composed the theme and produced the original songs, as well as played guitar, for the wonderful 2000 film Almost Famous.

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