LOLAA brings the heat with self-titled debut

LOLAA first burst on the scene two years ago when they released “Always Been” as a single.

Since then, they’ve played a few shows and earned a devoted fanbase that goes well beyond their Magneta Lane-era stragglers like me.

And now—in May, actually—the duo finally released their debut self-titled EP.

The record is a wonderful introduction to LOLAA. It’s a unique take on the indie darlings’ brand of electropop, and it’s catchy as hell. In fact, every song on the six-track album deserves a mention.

The record opens with “Breaking Sound.” It’s soft, flowing open brings Lex Valentine’s deep and mesmerizing vocals into the forefront. Then it bursts into an explosion of drums that reach deep into your chest.

Oh yeah, it’s on.

Next up is “Always Been,” which is just as amazing as I remember it from 2015. And “Lola,” my personal favourite on the album, follows that. It’s soft and twinkly, and the chorus harmonies are absolutely glorious.

“Song 6,” which is actually song four, simply dares you not to dance, while “Barricades” slowly builds in intensity as Nadia Valerie King’s throbbing, distant bass keeps your heart running.

Closing out the album is “Spirits.” The song’s lofty synths and driving drums work so amazing well with Lexi’s joyous vocals, and flow so well into “Breaking Sound.”

And that’s how you find yourself listening to LOLAA over and over again.

Get more LOLAA on Facebook and Soundcloud. Trust us, you need it.


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