Keep summer going with Not You’s debut EP

Not You is one of those bands that appear out of nowhere and blow you away. Their debut effort, Misty, is the powerhouse six-song EP that sparks your interest—and, let me tell you, it does not let up.

The opening single “Mabel” is the kind of edgy, surf-inspired track this summer desperately needs (even though, yes, the album was released in May). Its lo-fi feel and distorted guitars pull you in, but you’re really staying for the deceptively sweet and airy vocals.

“Soup” pulls off that same calm-yet-energizing atmosphere. The song’s dizzying guitar riffs ease into a calming wave, before swelling again in a sea of distortion. “Pt,” meanwhile, features those hypnotizing sweet, shy vocals. Its minimalist sound transforms into an angry wall of sound, rife with distorted guitars and attitude—not to mention angsty lyrics that chant, “Go eff yourself.”

But if you thought the Halifax quartet was little more than distorted guitars and sweet vocals, you are happily mistaken. Closer “Haha” is uppity and quick-paced on the surface, but the lyrics have a deep-rooted hurt to them, achingly repeating “I wanted this, I wanted this, I wanted this…”

It’s clear Not You have a helluva lot to offer, and we can only wait patiently for more from the band.

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