June 21, 1958

JUNE21On this day in 1958, Bobby Darin’s, ‘Splish Splash’ was released.

Recorded at Atlantic studios in New York with Ahmet Ertegun as producer, ‘Splish Splash’ was co-written with DJ Murray the K (Murray Kaufman), who bet Darin that he could not write a song that began with the lyrics “Splish Splash, / I was takin’ a bath”. Darin claims to have written the song in just twenty minutes.

It was Darin’s first hit song, quickly making it onto the Billboard charts at No. 3.

At the time, Atlantic Records was struggling to pay their artists. Jerry Wexler, who ran the company with Ahmet Ertegun, stated that they had stopped paying themselves because they needed money to resign their only successful band, The Clovers. After ‘Splish Splash’ was released, Atlantic went on to sign The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin, as well as many other legendary artists.

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