June 20, 1942

JUNE20On this day in 1942, Brian Douglas Wilson of The Beach Boys was born to Audree Neva and Murry Wilson at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, California.

He is the eldest of three boys; his younger brothers were fellow Beach Boy members, Dennis and Carl Wilson.

Wilson formed the Beach Boys in 1961 and the group blew up, becoming one of the most successful rock/pop groups of all time.

Wanting to take his music to a new level, Wilson elevated himself and the Beach Boys to a cult like status with the release of the legendary album Pet Sounds in 1966. This would be Wilson’s last record with the Beach Boys.

Wilson struggled through drug addiction and severe mental illness. These issues still plague him today, though he continues to fight the battle and write music to this day.

Wilson has been married twice. His two eldest daughters from his first marriage are Carnie and Wendy Wilson of the famous pop group, Wilson Philips.

He and his second wife have five adopted children.

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