June 2, 1989

On this day in 1989, Rolling Stone Bill Wyman (aged 52 at the time) secretly married 19-year-old Mandy Smith – a marriage that would last 17 months. Wyman’s 28-year-old son was the best man, and the other four Stones were in attendance.

Wyman had been dating Smith for sometime, it was at London’s Lyceum Ballroom where Wyman first laid eyes on Smith. She was a mere 13 years old at the time; Wyman was 47. Wyman said that Smith made him feel as though he had been “whacked over the head with a hammer.”

Smith had this to say about the relationship in a 2010 interview: “It was kept from the press and strangers, of course, for the first couple of years, I had to lie. If we were out in a club, I’d have to say I was doing a secretarial course. When it actually came out, I was 16, so I suppose it wasn’t as bad. Although it was still bad. All hell broke loose.”

They separated in 1991 and the divorce was finalized two years later, Smith received a £580,000 settlement.

Just prior to the couple being divorced in 1993, things between the Wyman and Smith families took a bit of a left turn when Bill Wyman’s oldest son Stephen announced his engagement to Mandy Smith’s mother, Patsy. That couple’s marriage reportedly lasted two years, until their divorce in 1995.



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