July 4, 2002

On this day in 2002, George Harrison’s “attacker”, the man who assaulted and nearly killed Harrison, was given a conditional release by a Mental Health Review Tribunal, to the fury of George’s widow, Olivia.

On December 30, 1999 Harrison was startled awake when he had heard the breaking of glass. He woke his wife Olivia who was sleeping next to him. Before leaving the room to investigate, Harrison called a housekeeper who was on the estate to ask if she too had heard the noise, she had, and then she was instructed to call police.

Harrison left the room moments later and was confronted downstairs by a 33-year-old crazed man.

The two men immediately began to fight, which lasted for 10 minutes as the men fought from one room to another, and then upstairs to the Harrison’s bedroom.

During the attack, Harrison was slashed across the chest three times and stabbed, yet the 56 year old was still able to overpower his surprise guest. The fight came to an end when Harrison’s wife grabbed a table lamp and hit the intruder over the head, knocking him to the floor with a single blow.

When authorities arrived at 3.30am they found the man staggering across the landing, Harrison was being tended to by his wife, their floor was covered in blood, and the knife lying in the middle of the scene.

When paramedics arrived, they discovered an inch deep wound had missed Harrison’s heart by only a few inches.

The attacker Abram was seen in Liverpool earlier in the evening, drinking at the Bow and Arrow pub. The mother of Abram’s described her son as a former heroin addict who had been treated at a psychiatric unit and had recently become obsessed with the music of the Beatles. “It is the Beatles at the moment, but a few weeks ago it was Oasis. He started to wear a Walkman hoping the music would stop the voices in his head. He talked about Paul McCartney more than George Harrison.”

St Helens & Knowsley health authority confirmed that Michael Abram had been treated for mental illness at their facility.



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