July 15, 1958












On this day in 1958, John Lennon’s mother Julia was killed when she was hit by a car.

While visiting her sister Mimi’s house (where her son John lived at the time), Julia Lennon walked down Menlove Avenue to catch the bus and was struck by a car that was driven by an off-duty constable still learning to drive.

The 17-year-old Lennon was so overwhelmed at her funeral service that he laid his head on his aunt’s lap during the entire service.

Julia Lennon was buried in Allerton Cemetery in Liverpool. Her gravesite was, for some time, unmarked but it was recently identified as “CE (Church of England) 38-805”. A headstone was later placed on Julia’s grave (replacing a wooden cross), with the words “Mummy, John, Julia, Jackie” inscribed.

Several Beatles and Lennon songs are dedicated to or inspired by Julia, including ‘Julia’, ‘Mother’, and ‘My Mummy’s Dead’.

Lennon’s first son, Julian was named after her.


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