It’s about time The OBGMs release their self-titled debut


That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of The OBGM’s self-titled debut, released last month. It’s been two years since I first discovered the punk quartet at the Horseshoe in 2015 (they came together in 2007, so I was very, very late to the game), and many more years since their earliest albums found their way to Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

But, like most great things in life, this album was well worth the wait.

Let’s begin.

You have your singles, “Pill” and “Torpedo.” “Torpedo” is a fun, yet ferocious song, with different sounds that come in and out. It plays with tempo, with volume, with tone, and will have you jumping around in no time. Bonus: the video is pretty crazy to watch (actually, you should watch the video for “Pill,” too, and any other video you can find of the band).

“Beat Up Kidz” starts the album, and it’s the perfect intro to The OBGMs. It’s fast and it’s loud – but it’s a soft ballad compared to “ijustwannaluvuallthetime.” That song title should give you an indication of what you’re in for: distant, echoey vocals pull the song along, while the fast-as-anything drums will make you crazy with glee. “ijustwannaluvuallthetime” really is on a whole other level.

Speaking of ballad, The OBGMs have a soft and soothing sound. “Paranoid Paranoia” is one of the stand-out tracks on the self-titled record, just because it’s so unexpected. Distant guitar tones have you looking forward, a soft, clapping beat ushers you ahead, throbbing bass lines keep you afloat. But it’s the singer’s soothing, whispery vocals that make the track.

I mean, I could go through every single track on the album. “Celebration” dips into an eerie quiet before swelling into a wall of sound, and “Chambre à couche” pulls in piano for an added umph.

Really, your best bet is to just go and listen the record yourself. You can do that on The OBGMs’ website. And, while you’re at it, best to follow them on Facebook, too.

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