HotKid’s Late Night Mornings shifts effortlessly between dark and eerie, and buzzy and fun

HotKid is one of those bands that I always knew I’d like, but just never got around to listening to. Thankfully, I stumbled upon the Toronto-based trio’s latest effort on Apple Music, and I couldn’t be happier.

Late Night Mornings is a force. The title track—with its soft, deep drums, reverb-y electric guitars, and Shiloh Harrison’s hazy, buzzy and, at times, eerie vocals—perfectly describes the album’s pop-leaning electro-psych-rock.

The record, released on Fortune Stellar earlier this month, shifts between deep, dark and eerie, and buzzy and fun.

“Little Mess” opens with the buzz of a distorted guitar, and the fun continues from there. Shiloh’s echoey vocals offer a great juxtaposition, blending into the electric frenzy as the song builds and builds and builds. Album single “Caught in the Light” also falls into the uppity-and-quick category, with Robbie Butcher’s driving drum beats and Peter McIntosh’s throbbing bass.

“Wasting Time” is a personal favourite. It opens to a throbbing synth before punchy drums and distorted guitars take over and Shiloh’s vocals bounce in with frantic energy. It’s a fun, get-moving kind of track.

On the dark-and-eerie side is “This Time,” another favourite. The dark, stripped-down track lightens up for the sweet, hold-your-heartstrings chorus: “‘Cause you never really know / And you really want to show that you’ve got it / No, you never really know / But sometimes you hope that you’ve got it, hope that we’ve got it this time.”

“Jealous” and “Need a Friend” deserve honourable mentions, but really, the entire record is filled with favourites—a real must-listen.

Get more HotKid online, and buy the album (on vinyl!) at Bandcamp.


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