Groenland provides us with an excuse to put down our work and dance

Groenland has released a new music video for “Distractions” and, to be completely honest, it is absolutely fantastic.

Montreal-based Groenland really hit the mark with this one. The pop indie group released their second album, A Wider Space, in September of last year – and just one month ago in December, we were graced with the video for “Distractions.”

The song represents someone who is basically being overworked, featuring lyrics like: “My head is overflowing / Information is a load I can’t take off / The more I hear, the less I know / I just need to find a way to cross.”

But through being overworked, this someone is trying to find the time to let loose when they have a few free moments and we know how important those few moments really can be. I found this to be both a great message and perfectly conveyed in the video.

The video was put together quite well, from the choice of people to the peaceful and modern settings. It has a great spectrum of different people who may find themselves overworked, and lets both the characters and the viewers have some fun during those four minutes. This, I think, helps the song appeal to a wider selection of listeners as well. The vocals couple well with the visuals, and ultimately provides a light-spirited piece that I could certainly dance alone to when I find a spare moment.

I really do hope that in the future, Groenland replicates this wonderful type of piece. Creating music and music videos that work so well together and send such a positive message in a fun, care-free way is definitely something that the music industry could benefit from greatly.

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