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High Sunday is on a high (sorry) note. The hip hop group launched its wildly successful and self-titled debut EP, and has been playing to packed clubs throughout Los Angeles. We e-chatted with the band’s rapper/producer Ike Deezl about all things High Sunday.

Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): For those who might be unfamiliar with the group: how would you describe High Sunday?
Ike Deezl (ID): We’re a hip hop super band. We pull inspiration from all genres of music and mix it all into the perfect cocktail that is our music. Our live show, which has been anything from six to 10 people on stage at once, proves that we are the real deal. No gimmicks, just High Sunday.

RMM: How did you guys get together? Had you all been making music before High Sunday?
ID: We all got together so randomly that it can only be described as “meant to be.” It was all just through perfect timing and networking. Everybody in the band has a wealth of music knowledge and experience from around the country, but Nick and I have been music partners for 12 years and decided to try to grow into a full live band.

RMM: “Wonderland” is a great single. Did you write it as a single or did it just find its footing on its own?
ID: “Wonderland” was a part of a big batch of songs that we started writing upon moving out to LA a couple years ago. Everything was so new and inspiring, and at that point we knew we were working on some of our most important work to date. “Wonderland” just stood out because it kind of encompassed the whole story of this lifestyle. The good, the bad, and the soundtrack that goes to it.

RMM: What is your writing process like with so many members?
ID: The content is mostly Nick and I, and I produce all of the music so far, but the next project will have a much heavier influence from the rest of the band. Ryan’s incredible writing will come in, and there I’ll be incorporating way more of our live instruments in the production.

RMM: Your influences are obviously wide-ranging – I hear hip hop, rock and even jazz. Where do these influences come from?
ID: They all just come from us being lifetime musicians and bringing all of our many influences together to create an energy and a style that captivates and commands attention in a way that people haven’t felt before.

RMM: You guys are based in LA, a music city if there ever was one. How has the city shaped or impacted your sound?
ID: Mainly just the lifestyle of this place is where inspiration is drawn. To know that people come from everywhere to make music here. Getting to live among incredible success, and devastating failure. Millionaires and homeless people in the same neighbourhood. We really get to feel it all. And musically, there is so much talent out here that we’re not afraid, or actually insist on not conforming to any certain formula. There’s enough energy here to make High Sunday its own brand.

RMM: How would you describe your live show? Do you prefer performing or being in the studio?
ID: Our live shows are the thing that people talk about the most. We don’t rap over recorded vocals, we have a live band, and we don’t sound like the three rap acts that played before us or the three that’ll play after us. We bring the crowd with us on the journey for that 30–45 minutes.

RMM: What’s next for High Sunday?
ID: New music and more shows! Stay tuned to our social media and try to keep up!


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