Get “Closer” to Mise en Scene with this thought-provoking video

The video for Mise en Scenes latest single “Closer” premiered on Playboy. That should, and does, tell you a lot about what you need to know about the video.

But we’ll get to that later.

First, the song. “Closer” feels like classic Mise en Scene, but ’s a lot harder and a lot more fun. It’s got a wonderful, tough edge with an aggressive pop side. The vocals range from a guttural growl to a psychedelic scream, and the guitars sweetly distorted.

It’s a real gem, and it’ll get you pretty jazzed for the band’s upcoming album, Still Life on Fire, which drops in June on Light Organ Records.

OK. Onto the video.

The (very basic) premise follows a young man who drives a porn set on wheels. But directory Lloyd Choi says the video isn’t just about sex It’s also a look at the gritty behind-the-scenes life of a low-budget porn star.

Miss en Scene singer and front woman Stefanie Blondal Johnson adds: “We feel the film is more of a commentary on the world that we live in and our longer to be closer to others; the need for compassion and companionship in a world that can feel so lonely and fragmented.”

That’s certainly a more adept lens through which to view the film. Our protagonist longs for a connection with the hurting star, only to be disappointed when another actress climbs into the back of the van the next day.

The video is a thought-provoking look at the people behind one of the world’s most popular genres of film. And the song perfectly compliments the strangely sad-yet-emotional story.

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