Discover yourself with Life After Wartime

Earlier this summer, Toronto indie darlings The Nursery released their first full-length record, Life After Wartime. The 10-track album is an amazing journey, examining everything from our fame-obsessed society to discovering yourself among the chaos. In fact, we talked with frontman Alex Pulec about the album – you can read that interview here.

Life After Wartime is amazing for many, many reasons, but I especially love it for its ability to balance the slow, emotional ballads with the high-energy dance tracks. And that’s not to mention the surprisingly dark lyrics hidden below some of the glossiest songs on the record.

“Everybody’s Famous” is the best example of that. It’s the big single on the album, and it’s the song that will get you jumping around and dancing and laughing and smiling, what with its dizzying synths and cheering, clashing symbols and clanging keys… but then sobbing into Instagram once you listen (really listen) to the heartbreaking lyrics.

“Friend without a Name” follows that theme, with dark lyrics and vocals, but a happy-go-lucky tone. It’s the kind of song that everyone can relate to. Meanwhile, “Hexes + Ohs” was on the Digital Ashes EP and it’s just as fun as we remember.

Like a fog floating across a dark meadow in the middle of the night, “Timeless Eye” is one of those soft yet dark songs that we love. But “Empty Suitcases” is one of the surprising standouts of the album. It’s a strangely beautiful electro-pop track, with its whirring synths, punchy drums and almost surf-infused guitars. The vocals take on an amazing fluidity to match the echoey song.

But the entire album is a gem: “First Year of Summer” and “Crystal Beach” will have you singing along in no time, while the title track will get you out of your seat and dancing just as quickly.

Get Life After Wartime and more from The Nursery online, and on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.


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