Are all lead singers professionally trained?

There are a lot of lead singers in bands that are professionally trained. There are also some that don’t have any kind of training. What do you need to know about lead singers and making sure you’re a good enough one to do well with your music?

A lead singer needs to be trained or they could damage their voice. If someone has the right training, then they know what to do to avoid causing problems that lead to a lost voice or permanent damage. If you look at a lot of singers, they no longer can hit the same notes if they are getting older and didn’t really take care of their voices like they should have. That’s one plus to learning to sing with professional help, because the person training you will also teach you how to properly care for your voice.

Someone that wants to learn to sing can do so just by practicing at home. If you’re trying to learn, however, one thing you have to know is that you’re not going to sound the same to yourself as you do to others. It can help to record yourself singing so you can really hone in on what you need to work on and what sounds good that you are already doing. Don’t think that just because you sound good to yourself that you’re going to sound good to the rest of the world without doing some work on your vocals.

Try to find a genre that you like and pick a song from it that you want to learn to sing. You should try something that has a little bit of range in it, not just a one or two note song like one where you rap over a beat. Eventually, when you practice through listening to others and trying to mimic them, you can start to put your own spin on your vocals. You’re not going to want to try to sound exactly like anyone else because that can just make you what amounts to a cover band.

A good singer is going to take care of their voice after they sing, too. Teas and things like honey are a lifesaver when you have just had an intense singing experience. Even if you didn’t hit a lot of difficult notes, you need to give your voice a break and need to find some things that soothe your throat and vocal cords. If you notice that your throat is sore or there are other issues and you can’t get them to go away, go see a doctor to rule out the possibility of you just being a little sick.

If you’re going to train to be a singer, watch out for people that tell you you’re good when really you’re in need of some work. People like your family members are likely to tell you that you’re a great singer even if you’re not that good so they don’t hurt your feelings. If you want honest feedback, you should try to upload some of your work onto the internet. Then, you can go to forums related to making music and ask people if they can give you some feedback. You want people to be honest with you so you know what it is you should be working on.

It can be helpful for you to find a singing/voice tutor of some kind. When you are searching for someone to teach you how to sing, it can help if you ask them to sing for you before you hire them. That way, if they are good then you know that they are going to be worth your time to listen to. Someone that isn’t able to share anything about the work they do like showing off music they helped someone to make, then they are best to avoid if you want the best possible help with singing you can get.

Are all lead signers trained in a professional manner? The answer is no because there are some that just learned on their own without help. The key to being a good singer is to train and work hard. Eventually you can reach all new heights with your music.



Vincent Reina began teaching piano lessons as a high school student, and has continued to do so ever since. He received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Purchase Conservatory. He then earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching Music from Manhattanville College. Today, Vincent is co-founder of Music To Your Home, a New York City based music school. He’s the proud winner of many significant piano competitions, including the Westminster Choir College Artistic Excellence in Piano Award.


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