You’re not on a beach – you’re listening to Universal Melodies

If you’re in the mood for great uplifting music that will undeniably nearly pull you onto the dance floor, then Universal Melodies promises to deliver. Nashaat Salman’s Universal Melodies has breezy and fun tunes that you will enjoy listening to – whether you’re at home or on the beach!

Combining myriad symphonic and harmonious instruments – from piano and guitars, to trumpets and marimba – Universal Melodies offers a soft edge and a surprisingly upbeat tracklist.

UniversalMelodiesThere isn’t a chance that you can listen to Universal Melodies playlist and be downtrodden; the songs practically transport you onto a warm beach, as you imagine the setting sun caressing you gently… you suddenly find yourself swaying to the tunes, nearly hearing the splashing waves of the ocean!

Nashaat Salman is a solo artist, production composer, orchestrator, keyboardist and pianist arranger, while also working as an engineer and business manager. Music has been a large part of his life, having spent two decades producing melodious music for radio and television.

Salman might be based in Switzerland, but Universal Melodies’ relaxing, yet upbeat songs are more Caribbean delight. Or is it an amalgamation of that “universal”? The listener alone can decide.

I found the songs to be interspersed with Middle Eastern notes, yet in a curious but refreshing way, the musical instruments of the tropics suddenly appear and this dualistic combination has truly created universal melodies – true to the name of the band itself!

For updates and more information, be sure to visit Universal Melodie’s website.

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