You’ll go crazy for The Stormalongs’ Schizophrenic

This album is far from their first rodeo: The Stormalongs have gained appeal since their high-energy debut album Fell Like Bricks (2009). Schizophrenic (2015) comes as the Toronto-based band’s testament to years of experience – trying out new things while not straying from their original blueprints.

The multi-talented trio has stuck it out despite other challenges from the Toronto alternative rock scene. We’ve got frontman Colin James Gibson (specializing in vocals, guitars, and the keyboard), Matthew Tyler Thompson (bass, more vocals, more keys), and Reverend Nick Gaiser (drums, percussions).

1936867_182395661778_7035673_nThe Stormalongs immediately come across as a sound from a decade past, but with all the edge that the music of today inspires. Like Toronto’s own version of Joy Division, we’ve got a few guys that give their instrumentals that glum and subtle touch of new wave punk, but their vocals put in all the bite where it needs to be, just like a more ramped-up Ian Curtis. They’re no carbon copy though, there’s enough of a mainstream influence with songs like “Smoke” that Schizophrenic (2015) manages to span with a variety.

Help continue the Toronto rock scene by supporting a career still going strong. The Stormalongs official website has everything you need, but try a few of their tunes from their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Also check out their Facebook page and their Twitter account @thestormalongs.

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