“Whoa Nilly”? More like whoa SonReal

After teasing photo after photo after photo, B.C.-based rapper SonReal released the video for “Whoa Nilly” – and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Since this is a SonReal music video, you can bet that it’s going to be fun and funny – I mean, have you seen the masterpiece that is “Preach”?! Well, this latest mini-movie is all that and more.

SonReal-WhoaNilly-2Let’s start with the actual track. “Whoa Nilly”, off SonReal’s latest For the Town EP, is a hard-hitting song with multi-layered music and easy-to-relate-to lyrics.

And now on to the video. It starts off with our anti-hero cowboy, SonReal, riding into town and immediately entering into a duel. He wins. He also tries (and fails) to rescue a heroine, goes to the bar, and narrowly avoids a bar fight.

The video has the same straight-faced flair that sonReal brings to most of his visual stuff, and the high production value that we’ve come to expect. But it also brings that unmistakably SonReal vibe: the down-to-earth, fun, feel-good music – and music video.

For more SonReal, visit his website.


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