Vol. 27 EP: Here’s why Nancy Pants is your new favourite band

Vol. 27 EP is the latest album by Montreal-based trio Nancy Pants. And Nancy Pants is your new favourite band.

The record opens to “Ying Yang,” a poppy lo-fi dream. High-pitched vocals surge over an echoey drum beat and barely-there guitars. It’s like if Grimes made straight-up pop.

But don’t be misled: the band has a dirty garage side too.

“Take” follows, bringing with it a softer edge that dissolves into a sonic handful of sound. The vocals seem more distant and unreal, while the guitar and bass lines take turns sliding into and out of focus. The chorus – “Take” repeated over and over and over – stuns you back into the present, but only for a moment.

But don’t be misled: the band has a fast and fun side too.

Enter “PS,” the group’s first single off the record. It’s wild and fast from the first note. It’s got a ska-ish up-beat and a delirious out-of-control feel. It’s Nancy Pants’ go-nuts, have-fun, dance-around-like-a-maniac song.

But don’t be misled: the band has a softer side too.

By all accounts, “I’ve Got A Crush On You And Everyone Knows It” is one of the chiller tracks on the album. It’s not tremendously long, but softens the pace of the record, with its soft electric-acoustic guitar and sweet, steely vocals.

So now that Nancy Pants is your new favourite band, follow them on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Tumblr.

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