Van Norden makes this EDM-acoustic mix work

“Love at First Sight” by Van Norden encompasses EDM rhythms while provoking one to ponder and think – unusual for a genre that brings to mind images of glowsticks and neon. Telling a story through subliminal remixes that merge pop and EDM provides more than just entertaining music but depicts various harmonic combinations that Van Norden plays with and comes out victorious.

While Norden, a folk musician that collaborated and performed with LA’s SPINdriftr, emerged on his own with the vocalists Natalie Major, Diana Studenberg and Stephen Pressley, he produced “Love at First Sight”, which is practically a journey through a modern digital epic love story, appropriately set to EDM and pop music.

VanNordenThe songwriter, producer and multi-collaborator, Norden doesn’t stop at one theme, one rhythm or one genre. Nope. Hiss fearless musical experimentations lead him to various instruments, various rhythms and various notes. This fantastic and valiant endeavour enabled him to create a blend of genres that can be defined as a cross between EDM, pop and acoustic.

For Norden, the song itself is the basis and foundation for finding the right match of rhythm and instrumentals. Drawing inspiration from the story, the title and meaning; Van Norden illustrates that modern EDM can be incorporated with acoustic and pop to produce the epic background to the highly talented vocalists.

For more information on Van Norden and upcoming releases, visit the website.

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