“Tracksuit Minotaur” and “Post-Apocalypteacakes” make Hologram Teen an eccentric listen

The indie trade puts a lot of us on unlikely journeys, and the trip that Morgane Lhote (sole proprietor of all things Hologram Teen) is a testament to that fact. Beginning her journey at birth in Paris, she soon moved on to London, then to New York, then to Los Angeles – all the while chasing the indie action and working on The Projects and Stereolab and with bands like Garden and Simian Mobile Disco.

Hologram-Teen-original-visionThough her newer stuff takes a step away from everything she’s worked on before, Lhote never gave up on electronica. Her new tracks, “Tracksuit Minotaur” and “Post-Apocalypteacakes”, drip with the style and undeniably keeps the synthetic dream alive. This UK-based vinyl is available through Deep Distance Records and various other online outlets.

Like an upbeat John Carpenter, Hologram Teen uses a steady beat with and underlying eeriness to really drive home their uniqueness as a group. The vocals are definitely what stand out, giving it a Goblin feel (remember the song “Witch” from Suspiria (1977)?). “Post-Apocalypteacakes” sets a different pace, likely with the collaborating with Buddy Cop. It’s much more upbeat and a lot more familiar for the regular radio music listener.

If you’re looking for something different than rock, pop, or pop-rock – odd, experimental music like Hologram Teen is definitely a good step out of the musical comfort zone. I like it for being the happy version of Skinny Puppy.

Don’t let the hologram fade away, keep up with Hologram Teen on her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @HologramTeen. That’s if you like what you heard here, of course, which you can check out on her Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages.

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