Tora’s latest album will get you High Enough

The reason you haven’t heard of this fresh-faced band of five is because Tora only came together in 2013. Coming across them at this time works out nicely since their name is derived from a Greek word meaning “now.” Making their starts by crafting their Tora EP (2014) in a garage makes them a literal “garageband” and now they present their latest venture: High Enough (2015).

Tobias Tsounis, Jo Loewenthal, Jai Piccone, Thorne Davis, and Shaun Johnston are a couple of mates who hail from Byron Bay, Australia. They have amassed an impressive collection of albums and tracklists (not to mention a very active tour across Europe) during the short time they were active. With High Enough, they hope to reach a broader audience across the world.

Tora makes an eerie impression from the first track with the unorthodox backbeat and vocal tuning. The feather-light implementation of the voice sounds almost directly inspired by Cold Play’s frontman Chris Martin in some cases. The style changes very slightly from track to track, where the tune in “Sugar Snap” sounded like it could have been a concept Gorillaz would have flirted with, “Jaigantic” sounds more like a Drake filler track. The namesake track is pretty aloof and pleasantly soft-spoken like a lounge song you can get lost in.


I like the way these artists will occasionally take the chance to side-step their rhythm to introduce something completely different, kinda like what they did with “Eat The Sun”. Atmospheric, rhythmic, and pleasantly fluid – these tracks melt into the mind and possess you with their ebbs and flows.

Check out the new five-piece European group that really matters: Tora. Visit their website to check up on what other projects they’re up to and to get a taste of their music, especially High Enough (2015). Don’t forget to sample some other beats of theirs on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp page. You’ll also find them and their massive fanbase on Facebook.

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