Tiggz offers his take on Madchild’s “It Gets Better”

Rebooting Madchild’s ‘It Gets Better’, KOTD gladiator Tiggz MCs over the track’s heavy drums and shrieking guitars to introduce himself to those outside cipher circles who haven’t heard of Tiggz or seen him working his grind, paying his dues, in the video for his version of ‘It Gets Better’.

Tiggz-ItGetsBetterTiggz is on a “mission,” even though “they don’t want to listen when you trying’ to make an honest liven’” and despite “too many fallen’ victim to the honour system”.  From making bread in mama’s kitchen to washing dishes to groupie women, this is hip-hop straight up, no lean, no chaser.

Video director Savvy So-Fly also gets directly to the point, shooting Tiggz in an alley and on a park bench, using bright summer colours and rhythmic system-error effects to present clean and vibrant visuals.

The song is a taste of what you’ll get from Tiggz’s recently released Do Your Googles mixtape, available on SoundCloud. And don’t forget to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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